TSVB dashboard - Performance issue with huge data

I have a performance issue with TSVB dashboard with 70 millions records and more (TSVB | Kibana Guide [8.13] | Elastic)
I have applied rollover index in ILM, so caching can be used for normal query (request_cache = true), but for TSVB, I have not and found the way to set it
Do you know:

There is a definite query performance hit when using TSDS. The trade-off is use a lot less disk, at the expense of worse query performance. This is due to TSDS leveraging “synthetic source” behind the scenes.

The best way to improve query performance is to increase the number of shards, which allows Elasticsearch to process queries with greater concurrency. The effect of this strategy is greater if the number of CPU cores increases.

While the above results are for a non-TSDS index, the effect of increasing shards is the same for a TSDS index.

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Hi @rob thank you for your response
Currently, the number of CPU for cluster is quite limited, so we want to focusing of optimization first
Increasing the shard, I will try
Thank for sharing