Start snmp error

I have installed the snmp collector and configured the basic license. An error occurs when I start the server.

error message

fatal disk_persist/disk_persistor.go:53 failed reading definition files {“error”: “error reading object definition - error while merging object definitions - vendor-specific object ‘ARISTA-ASIC-COUNTERS-MIB::aristaAsicInternalDropStatsEntry’ is only accessible with a Standard license level or higher”}

The Basic license only includes standard mibs. If you want to use vendor specific MIBs, like the Arista one shown in the error, you will need at least a Standard license. A bug has been reported that the vendor specific MIBs should not automatically load with a basic license but that has not been fixed yet. One workaround is to rename the vendor specific YAML files with a different extension so they do not try to load. For example:

cd /etc/elastiflow/snmp/objects/ubiquiti/
mv UBNT-UniFi-MIB.yml UBNT-UniFi-MIB.orig

You might also try moving all of the vendor specific directories to another location.

OK.Do you have standard mibs?

The standard MIBs that come with the collector are in the /etc/elastiflow/snmp/objects/ietf and /etc/elastiflow/snmp/objects/ieee directories. All of the other directories located there are for vendor specific MIBs.


I’m using the basic license, which is for one year. Excuse me, when the license expires, will it automatically convert to free

When the license expires you can re-submit for another basic license to get another year, or you can remove the license key and run with the “community” license.

What should I do can remove the license key and run with the “community” license.

Just remove the license key and account id values in flowcoll.yml file and restart: