Pmacct V1.7.8+ndpi V4.4+elastiflow V6.4.3 cannot recognize the application in the stream

我这里尝试pmacct V1.7.8+ndpi V4.4+elastiflow V6.4.3进行L7应用层流量统计,在启动pmacct V1.7.8后,我同样遇见了“nDPI support for fragmented traffic not implemented”的问题,这时我找到了遇见了同样的问题,但似乎并未给出解决方案,之后在这篇帖子中的图片中发现能够正常分析应用流量,这是pmacct的问题,还是elastiflow版本的问题

I see two older reports of a similar issue and it seems to be an issue with pmacct, or perhaps it is vendor related. Here a couple of old links reporting the issue, but I do not see any resolution.

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